Drinking Buddies Bloody Mary Concentrate

Drinking Buddies Bloody Mary Concentrate

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A spicy mixture of Callahan’s Worchestershire and Hot Sauce, Mustard, and Pickle Brine….combined perfectly to mix with your favorite tomato juice and vodka for the perfect, spicy, pickle-y Bloody Mary! This 8 ounce bottle mades 8 drinks! Add a bottle to your pickle order and you’ve got the goods for a PHUN Bloody Mary bar!

Ingredients: mustard seed, organic extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, filtered water, garlic powder, dill seed, salt, white vinegar, minced onion, minced garlic, spices, habaneros, yellow onion, carrot, cane sugar, garlic, tomato paste, lemon juice, black pepper, molasses, tamari soy sauce, tamarind concentrate, celery salt. Only one gram of carbs per serving!


1 oz Concentrate, 1-2 ounces Vodka, 5 ounces Tomato Juice. Combine, Stir, Add Ice + Garnishes (Phickles Pickles of course,) CHEERS!