PHUN in Savannah, Georgia for St. Patrick's Day!

The month of March is the most celebrated of all months in Savannah, Georgia! Savannah's St. Patrick's Day Parade is the third largest St. Patrick's Day parade in the world! More than 300,000 people are expected to attend the parade this year. If you're a fan of our goodies and you'll be in Savannah for this festive time.... you're in luck! There are four locations to get your Phickles PHIX! 

1️⃣ PW SHORT GENERAL STORE located at 414 Whitaker Street opened in 2015 by Scot Hinson as a homage to his grandfather, Paul W. Short who once had a Southern States store in Georgetown, Delaware. The shelves of this modern day general store are stocked with exquisite  provisions for the bar & kitchen including our pickled vegetables since they too are...well... EXQUISITE. 

2️⃣ SMITH BROTHER'S BUTCHER SHOP located at 535 East Liberty Street is a BUTCHER shop, a WINE shop, a CHEESE shop....& a PHICKLES PICKLES shop! Robert & Brenda Anderson stock their store with all of our pickled veggies and both of our cheese spreads. You'll find our Pimento  Cheese and our Hot Mess cheese spread In the deli case at their lunch counter which features freshly made sandwiches. Come in hungry and fill up your cart! Another great thing about Smith Brother's is their parking lot....making it a convenient place to shop downtown without having to worry about street parking. 

3️⃣ DAVIS PRODUCE located at 80 Quarterman Drive ...on the way to Tybee Island is your one stop shop for fresh vegetables & fruits, relishes and salsa, BOILED PEANUTS, plants and PHICKLES! Sherry and Randy stock their stand with lots of local goodies ....all perfect for a day or week at the beach! They carry all our pickles, our BBQ sauces, our salsa AND both our cheese spreads!   Stock up on all our goodies and DON'T FORGET TO GET A BAG OF FRESH, HOT BOILED PEANUTS!

4️⃣ BYRD COOKIE COMPANY has three locations in Savannah and one location just outside of Savannah in Pooler. Their fourth location just opened on Market Street in Charleston. They've been making their famous cookies since 1924! Their flagship store located at 6700 Waters Avenue offers bakery tours and sweet samples of their cookies....a must visit!  All their locations carry our pickles. We love being a part of their markets and can vouch that their cookies are divine! 



Be sure to say hello to Leon The Moose when you visit Smith Brother's Butcher Shop!

Be sure to say hello to Leon The Moose when you visit Smith Brother's Butcher Shop!


Savannah's 2018 St. Patrick's Day Parade  - Saturday, March 17, 2018 10:15-2pm. The parade begins at Gwinnett and Abercorn Streets, just east of Forsyth Park and will travel along Abercorn Street to Broughton Street, where it will turn right towards Rast Broad Street. It will continue North on East Broad Street to East Bay Street and proceed down Bay Street until it reached Bull Street, which it will turn on and continue down until it reaches Madison Square on Harris Street. The 2018 parade route has not been announced this year, but it tends to go along the same streets each year, with only slight changes from year to year. An official parade map can be found at


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