Meatloaf with Phickles Pickled Carrots

Yummy Yummy Yummmmmmmy!  Last night....we mixed our pickled carrots into our meatloaf mixture and it was a hit! Just pulse Phickles STIX in a food processor with croutons, fresh garlic, green onions, ground thyme & cumin. Then add to ground meat of your choice with an egg to hold it all together. Mold mixture in a loaf pan lined with plastic wrap. Then flip the mold out onto a Pyrex dish that has been sprayed with cooking oil. Place in 325 oven for 10 minutes. Then brush a mixture of ketchup, Worcestershire sauce & Phickles juice onto the meat....& place back in hot oven for 30 more minutes.

We served our meatloaf over arugula with a side of mashed potatoes and a big glass of red wine!



Made a tiny extra one to take to a PHriend! 


To order our pickled carrots: